Early June Update June 03, 2016 17:51

Here's a small update on the label, followed by a bunch of Cloud Rat tour dates, and some new items we've gotten in stock recently.   Keep an eye on our recent arrivals section. Lots of new additions coming up... 

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It's very soon coming with the new LP releases from Dead Tank.  I'm hugely excited about all of these releases. 

UNINHABITABLE vinyl is ready, and covers are done any day now, Listen / order the CD or Tape HERE from this dark crusty punk metal outfit from Asheville, NC. Caustic female vocals. Downtuned guitars. 

KNIFE HITS tests have been approved and in about a month you'll be able to order one.  We have about 4 copies left of the tour tape preview HERE

ASCEND/ DESCEND has tests coming any day now.  While band members have been busy with other projects Chrome Over Brass, and Lunglust. This debut from Ascend/Descend will have a proper tour. 

If you were interested in the CLOUD RAT "Discography" 2xCD, we have about 15 copies left. Be sure to scoop one up HERE, and please catch them on tour...

(Stores, we deal direct and also select titles through Revolver, Ebullition, No Idea.
Like-minded labels, please write us about trading.) 


June 26th - Discontent Fest 2016 in Peoria, IL - https://www.facebook.com/events/477734239095133/

July 22nd thru 31st - FLORIDA TOUR with CLOSET BURNER (https://closetburner.bandcamp.com/)
21st - Cincinnati
22nd - Asheville/Columbia
23rd - Jacksonville
24th - Orlando
25th - Miami
26th - Fort Myers
27th - Tampa
28th - Gainesville
29th - Tallahassee / Pensacola
30th - New Orleans
31st - Nashville / Louisville

August 27th - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St Entry with FALSE, OBSEQUIAE, PESTIFERE - https://www.facebook.com/events/659770134175661/

September 8th thru 18th - West Coast USA

Mid Nov - Dec w/ Skelptarsis (NY): AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND / SE ASIA / JAPAN - https://www.facebook.com/events/1274179265943576/


Anti-Cimex "Live '85-'86" LP

European import of this live banger. Official Live recordings from Stockholm 24/05/10/1985 and Leeds 02/07/1986. Comes with great insert. Cool live document of THE classic Swedish hardcore punk band!
22.00 | Order

Flesh Eating Creeps "The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000" Tape

Flesh Eating Creeps were a 1990s Richmond, Virginia hardcore punk band whose members went on to form the bands Brainworms, City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, Stop It!! and Worn In Red. Over the years, Flesh Eating Creeps’ sound evolved from DC-inspired ‘80s-style hardcore like Minor Threat, Void, and Swiz to a more technical and chaotic sound influenced by Born Against, Heroin, and All.

The two constant members, Chris Terry and Brendan Trache, worked with old friend Will Cole of Handstand Records to digitize vinyl and tape recordings, scan photos and flyers, and compile as much information as possible for this comprehensive, 58-song discography that includes a wonderfully done cassette release, a Bandcamp download/stream, and an archival band website.

5.00 | Listen / Order

Geiger Counter "Fear Tomorrow" Tape

Fresh tape from Minneapolis' new classic crust band. 8 tracks of pummeling D-beat hardcore punk.
5.00 | Listen / Order

Human Hands / The Blue Period split LP

"This is some UK emo of the first order.  I'm talking 1995 Subjugation Records, Tree Records, Ida, Hated, September kinda emo.  Both bands have a different take on the sound but both absolutely nail it.  This is so refreshing - it brings me right back to being 17 and blasting Owltian Mia - I just keep flipping it over and over.  Seriously if any of the aforementioned bands/labels means anything to you, then you absolutely cannot go wrong here. " - Nevin / IFB
12.50 | Listen / Order

Malcolm Tent "Radio Blah Blah" Tape

Recorded live on WRPI in Troy, NY. A fascinating approximation of what it's like to see Malcolm Tent live (minus the spittle and blinding lights). A different set of tunes from "Get Yer Blah- Blahs Out".

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Mutant Scum "Field Recordings" Tape

Sludgy metallic punk from the bowels of Newtown Creek. Scum always rises to the top.

5.00 | Listen / Order

Nature Boys "s/t" Tape

Weirdo Punk N Roll from Kansas City, Missouri. Sometimes brooding, sometimes crushingly fast, sometimes more garage than punk and draped in echoing, haunting guitar lines. Some sneering, some pop punk. Good times.


4.50 | Listen / Order

Nirvana "Cigarette Burns" LP

Well done vinyl with variations of classics recorded in 1991 and 1992.
A1 Oh, The Guilt
A2 Aneurysm
A3 Return Of The Rat
A4 Curmudgeon
A5 I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
A6 You Know You're Right
B1 Pennyroyal Tea
B2 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
B3 On A Plain
B4 Verse Chorus Verse
B5 Something In The Way
B6 All Apologies

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Pyramido "Saga" LP

Doom metal requires absolute conviction; anything less is a horrible mess of failed ambition and tragically misplaced conviction. Enter Pyramido: monolithic riffs, throaty vocals brayed into the abyss and an excellent grasp of atmosphere.

11.00 | Listen / Order

Smiths, The "Vinyl Party" LP

21 April 1984
Vinyl Party, De Meervaart, Amsterdam, Netherlands
This concert, put together to celebrate Dutch music magazine Vinyl's fifth anniversary, was the Smiths' first show in a country where the main language wasn't English. Everything went well but Morrissey sounded rather reserved at first. He was probably intimidated by the language barrier, but by the end of the show he appeared to be more comfortable. He did say a few words in between songs but didn't really alter lyrics the way he sometimes did in England where the audience was more familiar with the Smiths' material.

"Miserable Lie", "I Don't Owe You Anything" and "These Things Take Time" returned to the setlist. They were rarely performed at this point in time. The latter two titles were almost at the end of their live career.

During the recent UK tour "Hand In Glove" had been the standard set opener and its intro extended by a few bars. For some reason, even if the song was still opener in Amsterdam, the normal intro was brought back. After the latter number Morrissey introduced the next planned one by saying: "Thank you, this song is called 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now'." The song had just been recorded and it was planned to be released as a single one month later, so this live performance was much closer to the studio version we are familiar with. Only minor differences remained.

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Svart Sno "Den Sista Spiken i den Sista Kistan" LP

Finally, almost two decades after their demise - here it is, the ultimate and only Svart Snö compilation. The Last Nail in the Last Coffin, as the Swedish title reads, is a long overdue production for all those who were too young when the band was around, while it can serve as the finest best-of record for the rest of us. This album presents the band's development all the way from their raw and straightforward first demo in 1988 up to their much more well-produced swansong eight years later.

Svart Snö broke through the boredom of their Stockholm suburbs in 1987, at a time when the punk scene in Swedens capital city really needed just them. They came around bringing an injection of anger, energy and fastness that bore testimony of local predeccesors - bands such as Agoni, Mob 47 and Crudity - but Svart Snö also managed to add their own flavour of less predictable hardcore punk into their potion. This at a time when most punk bands in Stockholm either did their best to recapture the more poppier sounds of 1977 or were heading toward the speed- and deathmetal cage.

Over the years Svart Snö managed to keep evolving musically, sometimes blending their roots in solid hardcore with a dirty rock'n'roll-ish sound. Always melodic in their own brand of rowdiness, Svart Snö weren't interested in just copying other bands, neither musically nor lyric-wise - where they managed to put across their political messages with an often humorous twist.

Long awaited, now finally ready for your ears. This is Svart Snö's finest hour (or 47 minutes, to be precise). Digitally remastered at Communichaos Media Clay Station - 20 songs alive and kicking from the coffin - selected by the band members themselves from all of their releases and compilation records 1988-1987, plus two previously unreleased tracks.

500 copies with gatefold and inlay.

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Uncle "Digest To Survive" 7"

Prince Edward Island bass/drums powerviolence. Similar in instrumentation and sound to WATER TORTURE but with more youth crew hardcore vibe and less of a grind sound. Has elements that sound like some of the best 90's PV bands, i.e., CROSSED OUT, INFEST, and SPAZZ. Bass sounds are totally gnarly and work perfectly with the drum sounds.

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